Taking measurements correctly

How do you take your measurement correctly before sending it to us?

The measurement needed to make a corrective diving mask fitting is the "half pupillary distance", i.e. the distance in millimetres between the centre of your nose and the centre of your eye, looking into the distance.

There are several methods of taking this measurement.

comment realiser ses prises de mesures verres progressifs

Doing it yourself

Following the method in the photo opposite, this is a very simple operation:

    Place a double decimeter on your forehead, just above your eyes.
    Ask a friend to stand three metres in front of you.
    Ask your friend to take a picture of you, zooming in on your face.
    Send us this photo at the time of purchase.

By sending us your old glasses

This way we can take your measurements on the glasses ourselves and send them back to you with your order.

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