MARES X-VU (progressive)


MARES X-VU (progressive) face mask for normal to large faces
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MARES X-VU (progressive) face mask for normal to large faces.

Progressive lenses for diving mask

The progressive lenses for this corrective diving mask are exclusive to our OPTIC DÔME shops. They are real progressive lenses, similar to those of your everyday glasses: the upper part is for distance vision, the lower part for close-up vision. Between the two, your intermediate vision evolves with the greatest fluidity, without lines or cuts. Not to be confused with bifocals. Progressive lens technology ensures that you can dive with perfect vision, both at a distance and on your diving instruments.

Measurements for progressive lenses

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Characteristics of the mask :

Low internal volume.

Mineral and tempered lenses.

Quick-release swivel buckles attached to the skirt.

Ideal for use in bottles or snorkeling (fins and snorkel).

Manufacturing time: about 1 month.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Note: Please note that the right of withdrawal is excluded in the cases provided for in the 3° of article L221-28 of the French Consumer Code, i.e. when the Products are made to the consumer's specifications, which is for example the case of an order including corrective lenses adapted to the customer's eyesight.


  • Ideal for bottle and snorkeling
  • Adjustable loops
  • Low internal volume
  • Tempered mineral glasses
  • Manufacturing time: about 1 month

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X-VU cristal bleu

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