How to choose your diving mask

Which corrective diving mask do I need?

Since your vision in a diving situation is crucial to fully appreciate the wonders of underwater life, and since you cannot take your glasses with you below the surface, we present you in this section the two families of corrective diving masks, so that you can make the right choice. As for the choice of model and brand, we will not guide you in this section: leave it to your own tastes and habits.


The corrective diving mask for distance vision

Do you need glasses on a daily basis to improve your distance vision, and your vision is satisfactory at close range with the same glasses without the need for progressive lenses? Then the corrective diving mask for distance vision is the right option for you.


The corrective diving mask with progressive lenses

Do you usually wear a frame with progressive lenses, and do you need them to be able to see properly at close range, for example when looking at your watch? Then choose a corrective mask with progressive lenses.

The progressive lens for corrective diving masks is an innovation from SCUBAVISION and OPTIC DÔME. We carry out the fitting in our OPTIC DÔME workshops in order to offer you maximum reactivity and complete control over the preparation of your mask. The progressive lens offers a smooth transition between distance and near vision, just like your glasses. Forget the "image jump" caused by the transition between distance and near vision, which is characteristic of bifocals. Whether you're looking at distance, near or intermediate vision, progressive lenses work wonders in all circumstances, whether you're enjoying the sights around you or concentrating on your equipment.

Here is a short video made by an independent diving instructor:


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