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Taking the photos for the measurement

Method for the realization of the photos of the measurements:

Photos to be sent to: contact@scubavision.fr ( you can do a we-transfer if the files are too big )

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Here is the method for the measurement:

1: You hold a double decimeter on your forehead horizontally (without the mask), just above your eyes.

2: You ask a friend to stand three metres in front of you

3: This same friend takes a picture of you by zooming in on the face

4: You send us this photo

5: Then you do the same but with the mask on your nose and with the double decimeter upright.

p1190225 1

Mistakes to avoid:

- Do not take a picture of yourself alone with the computer webcam, you should look far away with a natural head carriage

- The graduations in millimetres must be visible on the photo

- You must take the photo with the chosen mask model, the measurement is specific to the chosen mask

- The pupillary distance is not provided on the prescription, you must in any case take both photos

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