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Whor are we ?

Who are we?

SCUBAVISION is a specialist in corrective diving masks, and even the only French actor in the optical world to offer you diving masks equipped with progressive lenses.

We are qualified opticians and own two OPTIC DÔME stores in the region of Clermont-Ferrand, in Auvergne. With this local experience, we have noticed that corrective diving masks for presbyopes are generally equipped with simple bifocals. Why equip your diving masks with this technology, which is now obsolete for your everyday glasses and has been replaced for many years by progressive lenses?

After several months of research and development, and with the help of passionate testers, we have adapted the progressive lens technology to diving masks. We are the first in France to have imagined and developed this innovative solution to meet your optical correction needs in diving situations.

SCUBAVISION deploys on a national scale this unique know-how, specific to our stores in Auvergne OPTIC DÔME, and makes the diving mask equipped with progressive lenses accessible to our customers far away.

As soon as you place your order, our team of qualified opticians will put all their expertise at the service of your corrective diving mask, made to measure.

Do you have any questions about this new technology that you will not find anywhere else in France? Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email; the SCUBAVISION / OPTIC DÔME team will answer you as soon as possible !

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