TUSA CEOS (distance vision corrector)


masque de plongée correcteur
masque de plongée pour bien voir de loin

TUSA large to normal size face corrector mask model CEOS (distance vision)
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Forte puissance ( inf à -8.00 ou sup à +6.00 )

Traitement miroir

Teinte des verres

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Files allowed : JPG , PDF



TUSA CEOS large to normal size face mask (distance vision).

Characteristics of the mask :

Freedom" skirt combining flexibility and support.

Mineral and tempered lenses.

Adjustable and foldable buckles for storage.

Intermediate internal volume.

Wide support strap.

Quick strap adjustment.

Ideal for use in tanks, freediving or snorkelling.

The corrective lenses cover the entire surface of the lens and correct your distance vision, whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or astigmatic.

You need to select the correction range for each eye to find out the price of the complete equipment.

If you do not have astigmatism, leave the "cylinder" range at 0.

Please note: if you leave all the ranges at 0, you will get the price of the mask without correction.

You can then select the lens options, whether you want a mirror coating or a tint (category 1 is the lightest, category 3 the darkest).

To determine your exact powers, you must attach your prescription in the section provided for this purpose, as well as the measurement of your pupillary distance to enable fitting.

Manufacturing time: about 1 month.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Note: please note that the right of withdrawal is excluded in the cases provided for in the 3° of article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, i.e. when the products are made according to the consumer's specifications, which is for example the case of an order including corrective lenses adapted to the customer's sight.


  • Quick strap adjustment
  • Intermediate internal volume
  • Large holding strap
  • Swivel and folding loops for storage
  • Ideal for bottles and snorkeling
  • Ideal for apnea
  • Tempered mineral glasses
  • Corrective lenses for distance vision
  • Available from -12 to +8 diopters
  • Manufacturing time: approximately 1 month
  • Available with mirror coated lenses
  • Available with tinted lenses

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